We offer a unique Plan and Install package that simplifies the process using Dropbox to present plant and material images, then we will install it.  Once the install is completed, we offer regular Maintenance Service to enjoy your new landscaping.

Two potted agaves (foreground), also known as century plants, in a round garden bed of suc


Because of the drought conditions and water shortages we are facing here in the Bay Area, our focus is on creating beautiful gardens that use minimal watering efficiently. This means using drought tolerant plants and turf alternatives that once established, will only need minimal watering from a low-flow drip system.


Our skilled team of landscape professionals specialize in:


• Colorful drought-tolerant gardens
• Permeable paths and patios

• Wood and dry-stacked rock walls

• Water-conserving irrigation systems
• LED landscape lighting
• Low-water lawns

• Artificial turf

• Fountains, fire tables, fences and gates



Our excellent and reliable weekly and biweekly garden maintenance service is where it all began. Many service customers have been with us for more than 20 years!  


Our practices are sustainable to the environment and our experienced gardening professionals are trained in all aspects of the landscape throughout the year.


We also provide garden clean-up and restoration services and repairs within the landscape including lighting and irrigation. If you're a service client and need repair help, we're there for you.