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We are a full service landscaping company offering the planning, installation and maintenance of:

• Colorful climate-appropriate gardens

• Irrigation systems on Wi-Fi enabled smart controllers
• Permeab
le paths and patios

• Wood and stone walls and steps
• LED landscape
• Low-water lawns

• Artificial turf

• Fountains and fire tables

• Fences and gates

Two potted agaves (foreground), also known as century plants, in a round garden bed of suc


We offer planning and installation together, we don't typically offer them as separate items. Our simple project process begins with a free on-site consultation and written cost quote. Once approved, we prepare and submit an online document of plant and material images, then the layout is determined on-site so it all comes together in real time. 


Our project team works together to efficiently build your new landscaping, taking care of all aspects. We use local supplies that are high-quality, readily in stock, affordable and made to last outdoors. We stay current on supply chain shifts which saves our clients time and money.



Our experienced gardening professionals provide biweekly maintenance service that is environmentally conscious and sustainable. They are trained in all aspects of landscaping care throughout the year.


When you're a DtE regular service client and need a repair, we're there for you. From irrigation and lighting to mulching and planting, our service clients enjoy all the benefits we offer. 

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